Thursday, 27 September 2007

About mind

I am in no philosophical mood today, actually things piled up and it's the black moon season, everything that was neatly arranged came in heavy disorder due to unforseeable circumstances. But this stayed in mind, I have re-read it today, from a quick note on the back of one of my student notebooks. Wrote it in 2005, during a course, it was autumn, and people around me were maybe inspiring, and the lecture was interesting. At one point I wrote "I wanna be an Innuit!". I vaguely remember that this I really felt, after hearing some short (and maybe stereotypical) info about Innuits. Innuit means true man. (Actually, you would be amazed to know how many people, especially the North-American settlers before the colonists, called themselves "man", or "true man"). So I wanted to be an Innuit. And that same day, or the day after, below I wrote about mind. The conclusion is heavy: the physical world is just mind activated. It seems ultimate and too heavy, yet it is the result of much introspection, and much observation. And the interpretation of some historical data. When ideas meant to change the environment around us come about, they are gathering momentum to change the world around us, already. On one condition: that the potential for this change already exists there in the environment. The potential for radio waves transmission, data package transmission, for flying and for voice transmission has been all there for centuries, millenia, billions of years. This applies not only to the physical world around us, but also to the human being. the huge potential the human being has - should I say of perception and knowledge, or of state, or of being - is there, lies there in each individual (so don't you look down on people, that potential is the same in all); untouched, there it stays, just as the potential to fly stayed there when people took months to cross the seas and reach another continent; that potential - should I say fly - seems incredible, just as the potential to fly by plane seemed incredible some eras ago. And yet, things impossible became possible, because the mind of man choose to activate not itself, but its surroundings. Instead of going in, it went out. Instead of revolutionizing the individual, it revolutionized its environment. Instead of going beyond senses, it went beyond imagination in changing that which the senses could hold. This direction of the OUT is reachable, more handy, is it because in this direction, though individuals minds create, communities propel, use, diffuse and benefit, so cycles are reinforced? Instead of growing individuals to fit into societies, could societies breed individuals who break free of societies? It is tricky for me the power that the OUT direction has acquired, and the secret, and the esoteric and the hidden nature of the knowledge which surround the IN direction of activating potential. We know how to fly, but don't know where we come from. We are masters of our environment, but not of our lives, of our weaknesses and potential for pain. Just rhetorical: instead of a feeble, contextual and confined line of teaching for the IN direction, is there the possibility to expand that teaching to all?

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

living work of art

not thinking about Amsterdam's living manequins, and not an abstract concept at all. to make your life a living work of art, you just need small jolts, in exactly those moments when all things of daily life pile up and tend to change life into a nightmare. these jolts are like pushes or changing perspective, or choosing willingly a different attitude over the other. it requires some good will, cause it is about choosing else when your whole self says you should drop it. it's about choosing, in the hell of a working day, to leave all behind, go out and take a photo of the bundle of plants just in front, which you never noticed. it's about photographing the moon. laughing wholeheartedly to release sadness or stress, when everybody around you is going about the day under the burden of a unique thought of escape, out there, somehow. or to make it simple, just be there, wherever you are, remembering that you are where you are and nothing, no change of place or of entourage can get you happier or more fulfilled. oh, it's just about the internal attitude. worth trying. and yes, this is how your life can be a living work of art. create it, then let it flow, and then again, not looking back. there's no end.

Monday, 24 September 2007


Non c'รจ canto dell'incanto altro che la voce del silenzio

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

florile de cires

Florile de cires cad cand sunt inca in floare
de aici toata povestea
nu trebuie sa mori tanar
doar sa fii mereu in floare si mereu pregatit sa mori