Tuesday, 25 September 2007

living work of art

not thinking about Amsterdam's living manequins, and not an abstract concept at all. to make your life a living work of art, you just need small jolts, in exactly those moments when all things of daily life pile up and tend to change life into a nightmare. these jolts are like pushes or changing perspective, or choosing willingly a different attitude over the other. it requires some good will, cause it is about choosing else when your whole self says you should drop it. it's about choosing, in the hell of a working day, to leave all behind, go out and take a photo of the bundle of plants just in front, which you never noticed. it's about photographing the moon. laughing wholeheartedly to release sadness or stress, when everybody around you is going about the day under the burden of a unique thought of escape, out there, somehow. or to make it simple, just be there, wherever you are, remembering that you are where you are and nothing, no change of place or of entourage can get you happier or more fulfilled. oh, it's just about the internal attitude. worth trying. and yes, this is how your life can be a living work of art. create it, then let it flow, and then again, not looking back. there's no end.

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